a gift​ for you

So, I had this great idea the other day and it involves you! I love giving gifts and haven’t given anything away here in a really long time. I appreciate you following along and so as a ‘Thank You’ I created some lock screens that you can download to your phone. Click on the one you want and you’ll be taken to a link where you can download it. Take more than one! 🙂

Succulent Ps 1611 Lockscreen Tulip Lockscreen Prov 31 25 MB Lockscreen Ps 28 7Tulip Lockscreen Ex 14 14 Sunflower Lockscreen Psalm 46 5 Peony Lockscreen Luke 1 45

This is something I’ll definitely be making more of, so stick around. 🙂

Enjoy …

Carolyn 2




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