a different kind of light

It’s funny how you do things a certain way most of the time and you don’t ever think to try something different. Or am I the only one? My guess is the answer to that is likely no. Are you interested in still life or any kind of photography? If so, you know that light is super important!


There are so many things we look for in the light and such a variety that we like. Lately, I’ve been enjoying a really bright, light and white background. I know, kind of basic, but I truly love it!

So, this morning I had kind of an accidental encounter with light. I had picked up some gorgeous pink tulips that hadn’t yet begun to open when I placed them in a vase on my kitchen windowsill just to sit for the night.

When morning came, these pretty pink tulips were draping over the edges of the vase so nicely that I had to go take a picture.



And so as soon as it began to be light I took the vase back to my studio and set it on my board in the window.

The light that came through was stunning! I quickly began to get some little things set up with the flowers to make a nice still life and had this great session.

What do you think? Does the hint of amber in the morning light do something nice to these photos in your opinion?

As always, thanks again for stopping by.

Carolyn 2


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