dark and moody

So yesterday I was doing a little reading and felt inspired to try out a little dark and moody photography. It’s usually not my forte but I actually really loved the outcome of this little test.

This type of photography has interested me before, but I just don’t have the set up for it. For some reason yesterday though using my black reflector as a backdrop popped into my head. So, I tried it …


Putting the scene together was fun and challenging.

I knew I needed something light … and I, of course, have plenty of white tea cups. 🙂

This roll of cotton ribbon has been sitting in my closet for years and seemed perfect for this shot.

The summer bag added some great texture to the shot … and then a little pop of color.

The wrinkles in the reflector added a little light and shadow to the backdrop which I believe added a little extra interest as well.

I’d love to know what you think! Should I keep it up and mix it in with my light work, or stick to the light and bright?

Carolyn 2

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