my favorite lens


Canon 50mm f1.4-3

A main focus in my photography these days has been in Still Life. With that, my favorite lens is my 50mm. I’ve had this great little 50mm 1.8 lens for a really long time and it has served me well. Recently I upgraded that lens to a 1.4 and I love it even more! The depth of field and the sharpness of the images truly has me in awe! (The photo of the lens was taken with my Canon 28-70mm f2.8 lens)

The 50mm serves so many purposes! It’s a great lens to take with you wherever you go without lugging along your bigger and heavier lenses. I’m just talking about for casual purposes. Definitely, when I do a photo session or a wedding I take my whole bag!

808A5104-1The 50mm takes a good landscape as well as a good portrait. My go-to lens for portrait photography has always been my 85mm … very close to the 50, but still different.


It’s interesting trying different lenses with all different types of photography and seeing the effects you get.

This sweet little lens has produced some very nice and sharp photos!

What’s your favorite or go to lens? What type of photos do you take with it?

Thanks for stopping by!

Carolyn 2

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