The carrying on of traditions is a way we share our special times from our lives with our own children. Traditions take me back in time. I wonder what life was really like for my Mom when she made me my stocking. What did she think about as she hand-stitched each of the letters of my name?  Continue reading “traditions”

inspiration search

Do you ever have those days where you’re just lacking inspiration … and while you have a room full of props, none seem to fit the look you’re going for? I’ve been wanting to change my backdrop up a bit and have hoped for some wood to get a more rustic, fall look. I’ve been using the white backdrop for quite some time now so a change was due. Continue reading “inspiration search”

flat lay on a friday

Flat lay’s are challenging for me. What is a flat lay you say? Good question … who ever heard of that before!?

Flat lay: An assortment of objects laid out flat on a board or some sort of backdrop with a photo taken from above.

This is a type of photography I’d like to master. It’s tricky. You can’t just have any objects, or can you? You can’t just have two or three … or can you? Continue reading “flat lay on a friday”


The scent is just gorgeous … unfortunately for me, I can’t have it in the house for very long. But I love the flowers … and purple is one of my favorite colors … little side note, I’ve been a green and brown girl most of my life. When I became an adult I felt the need to add a splash of color … purple was perfect!

She does love lavender because it is the color of transformation.
Felicity Huffman

It just so happens that lavender grows wonderfully out where I live. The ground is like clay, so not much does well here. I can basically just dig a hole … I guess like most people in town do and the lavender takes off. I had to pull a bush out once because it grew so huge I couldn’t see the rest of my yard! _MG_2597 sm

This is a new lavender plant and as you can see, it’s doing great! In my still life photography, since it’s free and grows so wildly out here, you’ll see a good amount of lavender.

_MG_8039 sm

I just read that there are 47 known species of lavender … that’s so hard to believe. I’ve only seen a few types myself. I actually have three different types of lavender in my yard. It’s a little difficult to see, but all three that I have are in the miniature glass vase below.

Thanks for stopping by … see you soon!