Fall Tree sm.jpgI have to say that I love something about all of the seasons. It seems that I love them most as we are approaching them … In winter, I long for the fresh breezes and flowers spring provides, as spring comes close to an end I can hardly wait for the warmer days of summer. Continue reading “autumn”

light & shadows

_MG_9870-1 sm.jpgDon’t you just love how every day holds something different for you? Even if you’re doing the same things every day, there’s something new in each one of them. Something I love to watch that changes even with every moment of the day is the light and shadows that come through the windows in my country home. I could just sit and watch them for hours … as they’re moving from side to side, getting brighter throughout the day, and then dimming as we head towards evening. Who would’ve thought such a simple thing as this could create such beauty and interest. Continue reading “light & shadows”


Don’t you just love it when you find something new and it’s a bargain! I do too! It makes me feel great and like I just saved us some money … although I just spent some! 😐 Sometimes when I’m on my phone I accidentally push buttons and then end up places I didn’t mean to go or sending messages to people I didn’t intend to. 🙂  Continue reading “gather”

three months in …

It’s time for gifts! Three months & 60 posts later! I’m still here and thoroughly enjoying myself! My hope is that you’re enjoying it too … Today I bring gifts! Isn’t that so much fun to do! I love giving people things … and you have all been so faithful in following along on this journey of mine! So, here are some photos for you to have as either desktop wallpaper or for your phone. And actually, if there are any other photos of mine that you’d like to use as wallpaper for either, just let me know which and I’ll get them set to the right size for you!  Continue reading “three months in …”