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Keeping the Social in Social Media

Social media is a funny thing. We love it and we hate it ... or maybe that's a bit too harsh. I don't ever hate it, but once in a while it feels a bit like a burden ... But it's whole name gives away what it's supposed to be ...

Social ... enjoying other people; relating to interaction with other people especially for pleasure; of or relating to human beings; living naturally in communities or groups

Media ... mass communication; plural of medium ... a means by which something is communicated or expressed; the material or form used by an artist, composer or writer.

A screenshot from Instagram's Explore area
A screenshot from Instagram's Explore area

So, it's just a place for us to be social with other people as we share words and images with many people at one time.

A few tips to keep the social in social media

  1. Be friendly, just as you would if you were seeing someone in person
  2. Be encouraging
  3. Express interest in them and what they're doing
  4. Share about yourself and your life through words and images
  5. Show respect
  6. Spend a little time there and then move on to other parts of your life
  7. Be kind
Always Carolyn

p.s. Please note that the images are not mine on this post, but a screen shot taken from the Explore feed on Instagram.


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