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The word itself causes me take a deep breath and do exactly what it calls me to do.

  • A short break. A pause.
  • We pause the TV, a book or music we're listening to, YouTube videos.
  • And sometimes we just need a pause in life.
  • Pause can also be something we do before responding to something, whether it be words or actions.

I never thought I'd be a person who talks too much, but there are some situations in these recent months where I've done just that.

God quickly spoke to me about it and it's something I'll be working on ... so I'll be practicing taking a pause before speaking.

I love the Psalms ... who doesn't! They're so full of good and gentle instruction. I could read them every day! This verse has been my prayer many times over the years. God is so good to help us to do the very things He calls us to.

Do you need to pause? Or is there another word you're hearing for yourself for this coming year? Please share ... I'd love to partner with you in prayer regarding your word for the coming year.

Thanks so much for reading!



    • Thank you Lisa! Sorry for the delay in responding … I love the Psalms … Blessings to you and yours also!

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