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picking up old hobbies

It's been about four months now since I photographed the art studio. What an inspiration that was for me. Watercolor is an old hobby of mine that I set aside years ago. I was taking pictures of things to photograph and one day thought that I should just try my hand at photography and capture a great image that way instead of trying to paint it. And so this journey started ... and continues.

But, watercolor is so inspiring and refreshing to do. And so, one day, I climbed onto my stool and pulled down my supplies from the top shelf and began to paint.


There are other watercolorists in my family. My Uncle Milford was and is still a well-known artist. He's passed on now, but lived to be 100! My Great Grandpa Zornes, my Grandma Tognazzini and my Aunt Irene are all watercolorists. I know there's some talent in me somewhere. And so this adventure has begun once again.

This time, I'm doing more lightweight and carefree items. Flowers in particular.

Some days I've found myself back in my studio as early as 4:30 AM. And other days I’m back there at the time I’m normally already in bed.

I think I must love it!

It’s great for my soul. It’s so relaxing and so much fun!

Is there an old hobby that you’ve set aside? Maybe it’s time to pick those supplies up once again. It just might be the refreshing you need!

I'd love to hear your thoughts ...