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My Experience with Shingles

The pain in my shoulder was intense. I had shoveled base out of Jim's truck two times that week, but was careful not to overdo it. The thoughts I had, believing I couldn't even do that kind of work right now was disappointing to say the least. As the days went by, the pain didn't lessen, it in fact ... READ the POST

409 A North Benwiley

Ours was the first in one of the two little rows of apartments. There were three in each row with doors staggered to face the street. The paved driveway separating the rows was also a great play area for the children who lived there. I have no memories of the inside of this place we were now calling ... READ the POST

Road Trip

It took a whole lot of planning and a whole lot of driving, but we were determined to do it. Max and Jensen, my nephew and now niece, were getting married and we were going ... all 15 of us! Thirteen in the van and two of us in my car. It was quite an adventure, through Southern California, Arizona, ... READ the POST


A trip to the market always means a stop at the floral section for me. I don't always buy flowers, but I definitely look. Just about any flower looks good to me, but one either with lots of petals, like the ranunculus, or lots of tiny flowers on each stem, like wax flowers, would be my first ... READ the POST

Keeping the Social in Social Media

Social media is a funny thing. We love it and we hate it ... or maybe that's a bit too harsh. I don't ever hate it, but once in a while it feels a bit like a burden ... But it's whole name gives away what it's supposed to be ... Social ... enjoying other people; relating to interaction with other ... READ the POST

Christmas Eve

All the gifts are wrapped and under the tree. The house is quiet, the glow of the lights and the warmth from the fire create a restful feeling … one that we need before all of the uproar that will be happening tomorrow and after all of the frenzy we've gone through to get to this point.  I know ... READ the POST