i enjoy it all

For me, it’s hard to know which I prefer. Every stage has a different bit that I enjoy. The gathering, creating the layout, checking for the perfect light and shadow effects, the editing or your comments and likes.  Continue reading “i enjoy it all”

give thanks

Being thankful calms the soul. It quiets your mind and helps you to get into a state of peace. Calmness and peace is something I believe we all want more of in our lives. Because of the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving, we have this month where we all celebrate thankfulness. Continue reading “give thanks”

matte effect

Learning new little tricks either in Photoshop or Lightroom is always fun for me. It seems that a trend lately is to give your photos this matte effect. There are apps out there that do this simple little trick for you on your phones and there’s a simple little trick you can do right on your computer in your editing software.  Continue reading “matte effect”