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The Ventana Wilderness was something we'd never even heard of before, even though it's just an hour and a half from home. But on this foggy Sunday morning we were headed out to explore it.

We were immediately both completely taken by the beauty and serenity of this place. The fog that seemed to be floating in between the mountains made it even more captivating.

Arroyo Seco 2018-14-1
Arroyo Seco 2018-16-1

The gorge below called us further and further back into the wilderness. Each step on the dirt road exposing another bit of nature that seemed to be even more stunning and majestic than the last.

Arroyo Seco 2018-141-1

At the two mile point, we headed down a well worn path that actually seemed to be a place where the water flows during rainy season. The rock way lead us to the spot we had been searching for. It was incredible!

Arroyo Seco by Carolyn V @Sixteen Miles Out-2

The water trickling over the rocks, wind blowing through the trees, and birds singing their morning song all filled the air as we watched the sun slowly rising over the rocky crag surrounding this peaceful pool of water. It was our resting place until our journey back.


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