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a change

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Sometimes a little change is all that's necessary in still life photography to give you that spark you need! There's this spot in my studio and it's my favorite spot for capturing my still life images. It's in front of a pretty window and the light is perfect!

But yesterday I wanted a change. I've taken images in this location before, but only once. If you could see it in real life, you'd be surprised that I even thought of it!

It's my husband's workbench out in the porch area of his shed. The tabletop is just a piece of dirty plywood and the cabinet in the background is covered in grease and other dirty things.

But isn't it just great!

Where is a spot for you? Take just a minute and think outside of the box. Do you have a little area in another room, or outside? Maybe in your garage ...

Get creative. You never know what you'll come up with.

Step away from what you're comfortable with.

Even just ask someone else where an interesting or unsual spot might be. Sometimes I ask my granddaughter for ideas ...

I'd love to hear about your own creative explorations. Scroll down just a bit to leave a comment.

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And again, thanks so much for stopping by and for reading. 🙂

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