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409 A North Benwiley

Ours was the first in one of the two little rows of apartments. There were three in each row with doors staggered to face the street. The paved driveway separating the rows was also a great play area for the children who lived there. I have no memories of the inside of this place we were now calling ... READ the POST

1500 Miles & Back

A somewhat last-minute trip to Texas meant that I got to see my Mom, my sister, and brother, Marie and James and their families.  A week isn't long when visiting family, but we were able to squeeze in a whole lot of activity during that time! :) Marie and I Marie, Mom & I My ... READ the POST

These Pink Florals

Walking into my local market I'm immediately faced with the flowers ... do they do that on purpose ... kind of a reward to us for the work we're about to do? I can't help but wander around the flower bins looking for something that catches my eye ... even if I haven't come for flowers. And so, there ... READ the POST