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About Us


My I'm Carolyn ... the owner of Sixteen Miles Out.

Capturing beauty is what I love to do, whether it be

  • in you and whatever stage of life you're in
  • in still life photography
  • in nature

Photography is something I've always loved and encouraging others is just part of who God made me to be. The two work together very well!

My passion to see others grow in their own photography journey is a part of what has led me to offer courses. These courses provide a comfortable place for you to learn and grow with others like yourself.

I started my blog as a way to share my life with you. My Hope is that you'll be inspired in your creative journey through life, your moments of stillness and in your walk with God through everything you find here on my site.

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· Our Story ·

I am a lover of God, a wife, a mom, a gramma ... photography is my passion and encouraging others is my goal. My home is sixteen miles out from town. I don't consider myself a country girl, although that is where I live.

I'd love the opportunity to work with or for you! If you'd like to hire me to do your photos (click here for prices). If you're interested in photos for your magazine or business, give me a call, or click here to see my Instagram.

If you'd like to take a course or presets to help you in your still life journey, click here.

Or if you're just looking for tips and inspiration, you can follow along with my blog that would make me happy. 🙂

To hear more about me and specifically my testimony, click here.

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My number is 805.712.0549

Always Carolyn

Meet my family

There's so much more than just me in this.

Jim & I

Jim and I

We love the mountains! This was on our 40th wedding anniversary trip. It was a crisp and cool November day.


Nine Littles

Our grandchildren ... such a blessing! They bring a lot of joy and happiness (sometimes craziness) to my life!


My girls and I

On our annual holiday shopping trip. It started the year my oldest got married. I really wanted to do something with just them for the holidays, so this tradition began.