build a bridge

Bridges are interesting structures. At first glance, you see an incredible structure, but all you’re seeing is what’s on the surface. There’s a lot going on underground that is unseen. There’s a foundation that goes deep, all depending on the size of the bridge. Some go very deep, and some are more shallow. I’m not here to talk about how you build an actual bridge but to talk about building bridges between people. Some of the concepts are the same. To build a bridge, you go piece by piece. Starting at the bottom with foundational pieces and building your way on up to the place you walk or drive on. Continue reading “build a bridge”

be brave

How does one ‘be brave’? The only way I know of to do that is to not put my trust in man or in myself, but to trust in God. The world is full of so much that can make us fearful. If we trust in man what really is that? What can man do for us? They can do things in the physical realm, but that is only physical. It’s the other spectrum of things that really matters.

Continue reading “be brave”

be beautiful 

These words jumped out at me as I was doing my Bible reading a couple of mornings ago. It was right after I felt slightly annoyed with Jim when he was just trying to have a little fun with me. I was enjoying the quiet and reading the word. I didn’t feel like being funny or cute. Continue reading “be beautiful “

light & shadows

_MG_9870-1 sm.jpgDon’t you just love how every day holds something different for you? Even if you’re doing the same things every day, there’s something new in each one of them. Something I love to watch that changes even with every moment of the day is the light and shadows that come through the windows in my country home. I could just sit and watch them for hours … as they’re moving from side to side, getting brighter throughout the day, and then dimming as we head towards evening. Who would’ve thought such a simple thing as this could create such beauty and interest. Continue reading “light & shadows”