tips for using aperture

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Have you ever taken a photo and been so disappointed because of the way it came out? Well, of course you have … we all have. You either can’t see the subject because of the busy background, or been unable to bring the background to life because you can’t get a good enough focus on it? Continue reading “tips for using aperture”

how to create a self portrait

This has always been a difficult subject for me … it’s a challenge being on the other side of the camera. My preference is to be the one holding the camera … even in getting portraits of myself … and so, I do self-portraits. We all need some sort of photo of ourselves for our profile photos on our social media, so we might as well learn to take a good one. 🙂 Continue reading “how to create a self portrait”

my studio

Oh boy, do I wish I actually had a real studio. I suppose you could call what I use for my studio a real one. It’s just that the room is used for more than that, so it doesn’t feel like a real studio. It’s actually my craft room/extra bedroom/studio. The space is mostly used as a studio these days … just for still life (I’m also a portrait photographer). I’m in the midst of transforming it to strictly a studio. My goal is to get all of the craft supplies into the closet and keep all of the photo props on the shelving. The bed will likely stay, just because it’s good for when we have company. Continue reading “my studio”