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life sixteen miles out

The road is long and full of twists and turns. The oak lined highway takes me over hills and through valleys, past little ranches, wooded areas, vineyards and so much more.

There are landmarks I notice some close by and some off in the distance, every time I take the drive … somehow it makes it shorter. Francie’s old place is a much-mentioned spot. She and her husband developed the pretty piece of property somewhat close to town. Looking North smAnd then there are the oak trees and the tight curves. A little creepy to drive through at night but beautiful during the day. Once I saw a mountain lion on an early morning drive to town. The little pull out with mailboxes is another much-mentioned spot … and then I’m almost home … sixteen miles out. The drive is beautiful no matter what time of year … Whether the fields are golden with the summer heat and sun or green on those rare years where we have rain.

Some days it feels as though the drive goes on and on and I long for that short drive home we had in town where we were close to stores, activities and friends. We have friends out here … family too and plenty of activities and creativity. But I do sometimes miss the busyness of town. I must admit though, I’ve grown to love my country life. There are some times where I get to stay home for a couple of days straight and I

Tea & A Book smabsolutely love that … the quiet, the rest and peace I get just being here listening to the wind blowing through the grass and the birds chirping outside my windows … just so nice! And I get to focus on some of the things I love … knitting, reading, working in my yard … gathering little items for my still life photography and of course taking pictures

The ins and outs of those times, those drives, those days, the thoughts and emotions that go into all of it are some of what you’ll find here as you read through the pages of this blog. My hope is to encourage you … to live life right along with you …
Thank you for taking a moment out of your time … looking forward to meeting with you more along the way.


  1. Oh, how lovely Carolyn. You are very talented, sweet and refreshing! Kuddos on your new adventure ?

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