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SLC Course

SLC 2020 1

Get started on your still life journey today!

This course is currently available to do on your own at your own pace!

This class

is for you if

  • You have an interest in still life photography
  • You want to cultivate skills you already have
  • You want to start something new and different in photography
  • You need an artistic adventure and want to do something collectively
  • The course will be broken up into four weeks with multiple activities within each week (you can do as much or as little as you like) including
    • prop selection
    • styling tips
    • composition
    • lighting
  • We'll have open communication regarding any photography-related questions
  • Your skills will be much improved by the time we're done!
Still Life Cultivated 4

My qualifications for teaching this course

Sixteen Miles Out-2863-1
My still life photography is regularly featured
through contracted work on the covers of
The Joyful Life Magazine.
It's also used throughout their publications and website.

My work has also been featured in

Bella Grace Magazine.

Sixteen Miles Out-6928-1
Sixteen Miles Out-0601-1
Sixteen Miles Out-0567-21
Sixteen Miles Out-1469-1

Let's learn together and get to know one another along the way!

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