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Still Waters … A Journey

As I've prayed and considered what my next course could be, God dropped this idea into my head.

I don't want to be like the others ... although so many have such great ideas.

But I really wanted this next venture of mine to be something special ... something different ... even just a little.

So, the idea to not only teach still life, but to also add some art and some other areas of creativity into my course is the idea that was beginning to unfold.

And as it began to unfold, I realized that it's going to be more of a journey than a course ... something we'll travel through together, where we'll pick up new things along the way.


As I dug deeper, adding in encouragement from God's Word seemed to be the area He was pointing me to.

I've always loved many things and have always felt as though it was a bit of a bad thing ... I now realize that it is a good thing. They are gifts that God has given to me.

In this journey that begins in January, we will be wandering through different areas of creativity, including simple paper crafts, simple watercolor techniques, and starting each week off with encouragement from the Word of God. And of course, still life tips and ways to incorporate these other areas of creativity into your still life.

I feel He is calling me to share those gifts with you ... to help you in your own journeys ... to help you to develop the God given talents you possess. To inspire you in others.

I invite you to check out the information page. You can find it here.

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