my still life story

What a journey this has been! It all started out with me trying to figure out what my style of photography is. Light – dark – pop of color – etc … I began this journey by following the Bethadilly Challenge on Instagram. After doing several weeks of photos I ventured out and started looking at other people’s work.  Continue reading “my still life story”

soul food

Tea is in order for this lovely day … I suppose it’s something for every day! So, a cup of tea and something for the soul … can’t do without the Word of God … it sustains me … revives me …

What is your help? What is it you go to to be revived and sustained? It’s been 30 years since I came to know Jesus … He saved me from some pretty crazy things. One day I’ll share my testimony here. It’s a powerful one!  So, the only way I made it through those first days, weeks, months was to be reading the Bible. I read it constantly during my waking hours those first months. Back then I only had my physical Bible … which I love! Now I use an app in addition to the book I can carry around. Continue reading “soul food”