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movement in an image

There's something about movement in an image that captures my attention ... what I'm thinking about in particular is a flame burning or steam coming from a hot cup of deliciousness. My favorite would be a hot cup of tea ... Capturing the steam isn't necessarily the easiest thing to do. I'll tell you ... READ the POST

creating templates in ps

Creating a template in Photoshop is super easy once you learn the steps. There are many sites out there that you can join with downloadable templates, but I like creating my own. With my own, I can make them whatever I want them to be. Follow these simple steps and you're on your way to much ... READ the POST

chilly morning

It's a chilly morning here ... 61 degrees in the house. Maybe that's warm for you, all depending on where you live. My Wunderground app is calling for a 94º day and when the weather is hot, we open the house up at night. My goal is to cool the house off during the night so we don't have to run the ... READ the POST

still life

As you begin to see my posts, you'll quickly find that still life photography is a love of mine. I discovered it about a year ago ... maybe less and am completely taken by it! It was interesting how it all came about for me. I was on this journey to figure out what my photography 'style' was ... it ... READ the POST


The scent is just gorgeous ... unfortunately for me, I can't have it in the house for very long. But I love the flowers ... and purple is one of my favorite colors ... little side note, I've been a green and brown girl most of my life. When I became an adult I felt the need to add a splash of color ... READ the POST

life sixteen miles out

The road is long and full of twists and turns. The oak lined highway takes me over hills and through valleys, past little ranches, wooded areas, vineyards and so much more. There are landmarks I notice some close by and some off in the distance, every time I take the drive ... somehow it makes it ... READ the POST