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nestled in the hills

Montclair was a town I'd never visited. My photography work brought me up north to the big city.

Old Victorians, tiny little cottages, and dwellings more modern side, lined the narrow and curvy roads. It was our choice to take this route. The freeway would have been much quicker, but Jim and I tend to like to take a slower, more scenic route.


And then, there we were.

The little, arched gate served as the entrance to what was to be our resting place for the night. Anyone passing by could see that this was the home of a cat lover by the small arched opening at the bottom of this quaint little doorway.

The cozy studio, nestled in the hills of Oakland was definitely a place of peace in the midst of this big city.

We were quickly comfortable in the studio.

Who knew that being in this quaint little village would make you feel like the city was miles away.


We arrived after dark, so went straight in to our resting place. Once morning came though, I had to go exploring the sweet little yard. The terraced space was a sure sign of the hills there are to climb as you wander through the quaint neighborhoods.


It seemed that every kind of plant and flower you could imagine were growing in this space. What a treasure of for my eyes on this early Sunday morning!


Building memories ... that's what happened this weekend. For the family reunion I photographed and for Jim and I on our little adventure in the quaint village within the big city.

Until another day ...

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