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My Experience with Shingles

The pain in my shoulder was intense. I had shoveled base out of Jim's truck two times that week, but was careful not to overdo it. The thoughts I had, believing I couldn't even do that kind of work right now was disappointing to say the least. As the days went by, the pain didn't lessen, it in fact ... READ the POST

409 A North Benwiley

Ours was the first in one of the two little rows of apartments. There were three in each row with doors staggered to face the street. The paved driveway separating the rows was also a great play area for the children who lived there. I have no memories of the inside of this place we were now calling ... READ the POST

She Calls Me Cyallen

And I call her Mom ... she was born in 1933 in Korea to Mang, So Chun and her Mom, who's name I've never known. Her name is Mang, Jung hi and Cindy is what she's called ... the name given to her by my Dad. This is how I hear her say my name and then her saying it in the video. The spelling is ... READ the POST

picking up old hobbies

It's been about four months now since I photographed the art studio. What an inspiration that was for me. Watercolor is an old hobby of mine that I set aside years ago. I was taking pictures of things to photograph and one day thought that I should just try my hand at photography and capture a great ... READ the POST