my studio

Oh boy, do I wish I actually had a real studio. I suppose you could call what I use for my studio a real one. It’s just that the room is used for more than that, so it doesn’t feel like a real studio. It’s actually my craft room/extra bedroom/studio. The space is mostly used as a studio these days … just for still life (I’m also a portrait photographer). I’m in the midst of transforming it to strictly a studio. My goal is to get all of the craft supplies into the closet and keep all of the photo props on the shelving. The bed will likely stay, just because it’s good for when we have company. Continue reading “my studio”

the window

WindowAs I walk through my home glancing in to check the light, sometimes all I see is the clutter that has gathered in there. Evidently, the light isn’t right yet … otherwise, it would be that, that I see. This room once devoted to crafts with my counter height table and neatly filled containers lined across the back is getting more and more full of miscellaneous and wonderful still life props.  Continue reading “the window”