how I took this photo

Today I’m sharing ‘how I took this photo’ with you. You’ll be surprised at how simple my thought process is. 🙂

At the top of my driveway, I have this huge butterfly bush. A few days ago, I noticed that it was absolutely full of white flowers … something I love to photograph. So, I picked several of them. These cone-shaped pieces of nature are a challenge for me to photograph. The pointed florals always seem to bother me when I have them in a vase. Today I found a different way to display them. Continue reading “how I took this photo”

my still life story

What a journey this has been! It all started out with me trying to figure out what my style of photography is. Light – dark – pop of color – etc … I began this journey by following the Bethadilly Challenge on Instagram. After doing several weeks of photos I ventured out and started looking at other people’s work.  Continue reading “my still life story”

the window

WindowAs I walk through my home glancing in to check the light, sometimes all I see is the clutter that has gathered in there. Evidently, the light isn’t right yet … otherwise, it would be that, that I see. This room once devoted to crafts with my counter height table and neatly filled containers lined across the back is getting more and more full of miscellaneous and wonderful still life props.  Continue reading “the window”