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nine years in the making

These days, you meet a lot of people online. You comment back and forth on and like one another's photos. You see what's going on in their lives and kind of follow along.

But how often do you actually get to meet one of those 'online' friends?

Crazy that that just happened in my life! You can read here about how Debra and I met online.

We've been saying for several years now how it would be great if we could meet. You've probably said the same thing to one of your online friends. I just didn't think it could ever be possible with us living over 1400 miles apart!

And then one day Debra told me that Brian's son was getting married ... in Washington and they would also travel down to California ...

And so we would meet.


Carolyn (L) & Debra (R)
Carolyn (L) & Debra (R)

So, that morning, Jim and I got up early to do our 2 1/2 hour drive to Carmel. We had planned on meeting there at a Starbucks. My excitement for this meeting was surprising. We pulled into the parking lot and I looked around to see if I could spot Debra (we hadn't even talked about what kind of car we would each be in). I didn't see anyone who looked like her and then saw a text saying they were inside. Oh, the excitement ...

Moments later, we were inside and there they were! Such a feeling of joy to finally meet! (See how happy we are!) We hugged, exchanged our words of excitement to meet and then just continued on getting coffee and chatting away.

Who would've thought!? We were instantly friends. We've communicated so much through text and talked so much on the phone that actually meeting in person was a breeze!

And then our adventure down the cloud covered coast began. We stopped at several spots along the way.

I've put together a little slideshow of some of my favorite coastal shots.

IMG_6564 2

What a fun time and such a blessing to meet Debra and Brian! And now, we're both home and I just wish we could get together for some coffee or tea and to do some photography together. One day just wasn't quite enough!

If you'd like to read Debra's post about our meeting click here.

Until next time ...

Carolyn Be Bright


    • 🙂 It was such a great day! I loved meeting you and how there wasn’t any awkwardness or anything!
      It truly was a blessing!

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