lightroom is your darkroom

‘Photoshopped’ photos seem to be a negative. In this digital society, we are not the first to edit our photos. The darkroom is where all the editing happened mainly in days gone by, but still by some professional photographers and schools. Continue reading “lightroom is your darkroom”

sizing your photos

Getting your photos the right size for your blog can be a challenge. One of the last things we want is to have blurry photos due to them being the wrong size and having to be stretched to fill the space. A photo that is obviously sized incorrectly will keep me from even wanting to look at a blog post. I’m sure others feel the same. Or, maybe I’m just super particular … I suppose I am! So, today I’ll go over sizing both in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Continue reading “sizing your photos”

creating quote pictures

Creating my own quote pictures is something I really like to do. Not on a picture, but on a white background. I love doing quotes on pictures too, but sometimes I just want a quote and not a background. Here in WordPress, you can make a quote by using a heading and centering, etc, but I like the flexibility you have with creating one in Photoshop. It’s actually very simple. Here are the steps … Continue reading “creating quote pictures”

creating templates in ps

Creating a template in Photoshop is super easy once you learn the steps. There are many sites out there that you can join with downloadable templates, but I like creating my own. With my own, I can make them whatever I want them to be. Follow these simple steps and you’re on your way to much creativity! Continue reading “creating templates in ps”