before and after

I’m always interested in seeing what a photograph looks like before and after edits, so I thought I’d do that with you today. The difference can sometimes be quite drastic and other times very subtle. When working on my still life photography, I pretty much do all of my editing in Lightroom.  Continue reading “before and after”

creating presets

It’s really so much easier than you might think! Not all presets work on all photos. But it is super easy to create your own and will save you time in editing when you select the right preset for your photo. Continue reading “creating presets”

lightroom is your darkroom

‘Photoshopped’ photos seem to be a negative. In this digital society, we are not the first to edit our photos. The darkroom is where all the editing happened mainly in days gone by, but still by some professional photographers and schools. Continue reading “lightroom is your darkroom”

tip on a tuesday

Lightroom and I have been getting more acquainted over this past year. There are so many features that I enjoy. Today I’m going to share my workflow with you and give you a very fun and easy tip at the end.

First I select the photo I want to edit … silly I know … of course I select my photo, right!

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 5.43.21 AM Continue reading “tip on a tuesday”