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Calm is What We Need

The current state of unrest in my part of the state is minimal compared to what I'm imagining it's like elsewhere. Although the shoppers are behaving differently and the stores seem to be running out of many items, where I live ... Sixteen Miles Out there is a sense of calm.

How can we get that calm in these days of unrest and uncertainty?

  • For me, it's through time with God ... just focusing on Him brings that care my soul needs.
  • Or even just avoiding crowds. Staying here at home listening to the rainfall.
  • And then, there's my still life work ... it truly does bring a stillness to life.
  • Maybe you have a special hobby you enjoy ...
    • cooking
    • writing
    • playing a musical instrument
    • reading
    • walking
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Whatever it may be, I encourage you to pursue that thing that brings you calm, for calm is what we need. And in these days as much as you're able, my encouragement is to focus on God. He cares for you.

Always Carolyn


  1. Being able to connect with other artists on Instagram, etc. helps us stay in the now. Giving support helps everyone. The joy we get from creating will help us cope with the stress we all feel.

    • It is the absolute truth Anita! 😊 I love the connection I have with all of my Instagram friends.

  2. Thank you for your all your kindness and gentleness; and the reminder of calmness is what God provides. Thank you for the reminder to spend time in areas that calm and bring comfort, this came to my inbox at the most perfect time.

  3. Beautifully expressed Carolyn. God is our peace, our refuge, our provider, our strong tower, rest for our weary souls, and so much more. Be still…

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