light & shadows

_MG_9870-1 sm.jpgDon’t you just love how every day holds something different for you? Even if you’re doing the same things every day, there’s something new in each one of them. Something I love to watch that changes even with every moment of the day is the light and shadows that come through the windows in my country home. I could just sit and watch them for hours … as they’re moving from side to side, getting brighter throughout the day, and then dimming as we head towards evening. Who would’ve thought such a simple thing as this could create such beauty and interest. Continue reading “light & shadows”

where do you go for peace?

Welcome! This is a first for me … being part of the Field Guide to Everyday Magic Blog Hop! Have you had a chance to check out this beautiful Field Guide yet? What an inspirational book it is, put out by Bella Grace Magazine and filled with thought provoking prompts and gorgeous images! After reading my post below titled ‘Where Do You Go For Peace’ leave your comments for an opportunity to win your very own copy!
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wanna be jogger

I glance toward my window and see it’s still dark out. The sun is waiting longer these days to show it’s pretty colors. Because of the terrain, light is necessary, so I wait until the sun comes up to head out. This time of year, that time varies from day to day. If I wait too long, I’m too late because it gets warm so quickly here where I live. On this pretty summer morning, just as the sun began to rise over the mountains to the east I put my jogging shoes on and headed out.

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how is your quiet time spent

Picture this … an unseasonably cool summer day …

There’s a good breeze blowing through the opened windows …

You pick up your current read and favorite drink and maybe some chocolates …

Then you sit, listening to the wind blow, taking a deep breath … other than the wind, it’s quiet …   Continue reading “how is your quiet time spent”