putting together a still life

Believe it or not, there really is a lot of thought that can go into having a successful and interesting still life photograph. As I’ve mentioned before, there are so many ways to make a still life look good. From the minimalist look to a completely full scene of objects. For mine, I’ve tended to stick to more simple still life photography. I like a ‘cleaner’ scene. Although I’m totally drawn to some of the gorgeous photography that is full of pieces … so far I’ve just been unsuccessful at doing them myself.  Continue reading “putting together a still life”

tips for using aperture

_MG_9163 sm.jpg

Have you ever taken a photo and been so disappointed because of the way it came out? Well, of course you have … we all have. You either can’t see the subject because of the busy background, or been unable to bring the background to life because you can’t get a good enough focus on it? Continue reading “tips for using aperture”

how I took this photo

Today I’m sharing ‘how I took this photo’ with you. You’ll be surprised at how simple my thought process is. 🙂

At the top of my driveway, I have this huge butterfly bush. A few days ago, I noticed that it was absolutely full of white flowers … something I love to photograph. So, I picked several of them. These cone-shaped pieces of nature are a challenge for me to photograph. The pointed florals always seem to bother me when I have them in a vase. Today I found a different way to display them. Continue reading “how I took this photo”

flat lay on a friday

Flat lay’s are challenging for me. What is a flat lay you say? Good question … who ever heard of that before!?

Flat lay: An assortment of objects laid out flat on a board or some sort of backdrop with a photo taken from above.

This is a type of photography I’d like to master. It’s tricky. You can’t just have any objects, or can you? You can’t just have two or three … or can you? Continue reading “flat lay on a friday”