right now, today, you are perfect!

Isn’t that great! What a phrase to hear! And you know what … it’s true! In God’s eyes, we are … God overlooks our inadequacies and sees only the good … See the good in your life today! Because … right now, today, you are perfect! Continue reading “right now, today, you are perfect!”

butterfly bush


It grows wild and free and attracts some of the prettiest of God’s little creatures. The wind blows it’s branches and shapes it accordingly and seems to have a freedom all it’s own. I believe God wants us to all be free like His glorious creation and grow and walk in freedom.


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garden to still life

The sunflowers seem to grow wild in my yard since that first year I dug the tiny little holes to plant these happy yellow beauties. This year I didn’t plant any, but these pretty flowers came back to bless my yard once again.

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30 days

So, I took the challenge of 30 days of posting every day. It’s actually been a fun month of daily posts. I’m enjoying doing this blog. It feels much more carefree than any other blog I’ve done. Thank you for following along with me. I really appreciate it and you! As a thank you, I’m giving you a few overlays that you can use for your own photography purposes. You can click on the images here and you’ll be taken to a place to download them. Continue reading “30 days”