where does the time go

Who is this woman, who just turned 59? Graying hairs making their way through the dark brown mass that’s adorned this head for what feels like so little but has added up to so many years. I look at my girls and it’s hard to believe that they’re in their 30’s … that’s where I feel like I should be. Obviously, I am a Gramma … I have nine adorable little ones that call me by that name. It seems like just yesterday though … Continue reading “where does the time go”

how to create a self portrait

This has always been a difficult subject for me … it’s a challenge being on the other side of the camera. My preference is to be the one holding the camera … even in getting portraits of myself … and so, I do self-portraits. We all need some sort of photo of ourselves for our profile photos on our social media, so we might as well learn to take a good one. 🙂 Continue reading “how to create a self portrait”