10 things that make me smile

  1. spending time with my daughters
  2. the sound of ‘Gramma’ coming from one of my grandchildren
  3. waking up with the cool mountain air surrounding me
  4. the peace I feel when sitting in my home on a quiet afternoon
  5. a nice visit with my Mom
  6. the peace that God gives me
  7. a weekend trip with Jim
  8. a super delicious gluten-free treat
  9. pretty flowers growing in my yard
  10. being near the ocean

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forever changed

It was pretty and sunny on that fateful day in 1969. My siblings and I were busy playing when the dark colored sedan stopped in front of our house. It seemed as though everything stopped as we watched the men in uniform get out of the car and walk slowly to the door. Mom quickly told us kids to go in the backyard and play. I knew something wasn’t right as we walked out the back door not knowing that the words these men would share would forever change our lives. Joan was 12, Marie 9, James was 5 and I was to be 11 the next day. Continue reading “forever changed”


We raised our girls at our place in town. When we found it we were thrilled! Jim had lost his job the year before after his boss died and we moved from our 3 bedroom home to a 2 bedroom apartment closer to his new job and our new church. After 7 challenging months in that tiny place, God provided us with a bigger house to live in. The house was great … so much bigger than the apartment, but still small, maybe 1100 square feet but it was home to us and we had a happy life there. The yard was tremendous! The girls played outside for hours every day! Continue reading “dreamers”