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As you begin to see my posts, you’ll quickly find that still life photography is a love of mine. I discovered it about a year ago … maybe less and am completely taken by it!

It was interesting how it all came about for me. _MG_7694-1 smI was on this journey to figure out what my photography ‘style’ was … it was super important to me at the time. Now I realize  there are many styles I like. At the time it kind of felt like I ‘just needed to know’. Now I see that I just need to do what feels right. I will love what I do … not that my photos are better than others, but I enjoy them! That is what’s important … to me at least. I don’t need to please the millions of people out there. I just need to do what is good for me in my creative journey.

Creativity is something that I’ve pretty much always ventured out in and putting together still life’s allows me to practice that. My goal is to post a photo a day on my Instagram, so that keeps me busy with coming up with little scenes. I love having flowers in my photos, so I get them from the grocery store or pick them from either my yard (which doesn’t have too many flowers) or from a spot where they’re growing wild.

_MG_4736-1Adding some twine or any sort of string or some pretty soft fabric adds some nice movement to the photos, so I have a nice little supply of that hanging around too. I’ve tended to like my photos to be white and bright, so I have several options of white fabric and some natural and green.

Other props like a tea cup, scissors, buttons, or whatever you have will always add a bit more interest to your photos as well. I like natural elements, so you’ll see rocks and sticks in some of my photos too. 🙂

Stay tuned for some more specific tips on photography such as lighting, layouts, camera settings and more.

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The scent is just gorgeous … unfortunately for me, I can’t have it in the house for very long. But I love the flowers … and purple is one of my favorite colors … little side note, I’ve been a green and brown girl most of my life. When I became an adult I felt the need to add a splash of color … purple was perfect!

She does love lavender because it is the color of transformation.
Felicity Huffman

It just so happens that lavender grows wonderfully out where I live. The ground is like clay, so not much does well here. I can basically just dig a hole … I guess like most people in town do and the lavender takes off. I had to pull a bush out once because it grew so huge I couldn’t see the rest of my yard! _MG_2597 sm

This is a new lavender plant and as you can see, it’s doing great! In my still life photography, since it’s free and grows so wildly out here, you’ll see a good amount of lavender.

_MG_8039 sm

I just read that there are 47 known species of lavender … that’s so hard to believe. I’ve only seen a few types myself. I actually have three different types of lavender in my yard. It’s a little difficult to see, but all three that I have are in the miniature glass vase below.

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