favorite flower

My favorite flower changes … I think it all depends on the season, or what I have available. I absolutely love peonies, but they’re only in season for such a short time.

_MG_0836 sm

Lavender seems to be available to me year round. I grow it in my yard and so I take lots of photos of this gorgeous long stem of a flower.


And then there are tulips … I never really liked them until I started doing a photography challenge a few years ago. They are really fun to photograph in all stages of their blooming period.

Tulips Looking Up sm

I’ll finish this with the sunflower … I grow these in my yard too and I just love the bright yellow-orange color. They are truly a ‘happy’ flower!


Sunflowers sm.jpg

Okay, so I guess I really don’t have a favorite … flowers are just so pretty! I love them all!

Do you have a favorite?


red ants & hot summer days

Who knew we’d see days over 100º so early in the summer! June is often a month of varied weather. We’ve even had rain and cloudy days in June some years. Not this year though. It’s been as high as 107º here this past week. With that kind of heat, the ants come out in the cool of the evening. I believe that the ground gets just so hot that they finally have to escape it. We’ve found thousands of them walking around all over the place near the shed and by the front of my walkway.  Continue reading “red ants & hot summer days”


The scent is just gorgeous … unfortunately for me, I can’t have it in the house for very long. But I love the flowers … and purple is one of my favorite colors … little side note, I’ve been a green and brown girl most of my life. When I became an adult I felt the need to add a splash of color … purple was perfect!

She does love lavender because it is the color of transformation.
Felicity Huffman

It just so happens that lavender grows wonderfully out where I live. The ground is like clay, so not much does well here. I can basically just dig a hole … I guess like most people in town do and the lavender takes off. I had to pull a bush out once because it grew so huge I couldn’t see the rest of my yard! _MG_2597 sm

This is a new lavender plant and as you can see, it’s doing great! In my still life photography, since it’s free and grows so wildly out here, you’ll see a good amount of lavender.

_MG_8039 sm

I just read that there are 47 known species of lavender … that’s so hard to believe. I’ve only seen a few types myself. I actually have three different types of lavender in my yard. It’s a little difficult to see, but all three that I have are in the miniature glass vase below.

Thanks for stopping by … see you soon!