thirsty thursday

Hey everyone … this is my first Thirsty Thursday post … I thought it would be kind of fun to post about a favorite drink today. How about a nice cool glass of ice tea! This is one of the most delicious ice teas I’ve had. I actually stumbled across the bags in my tea jar and since they were decaffeinated I thought I’d make some iced tea out of them. Trader Joes Well Rested Herbal Tea is what it’s called. Continue reading “thirsty thursday”

soul food

Tea is in order for this lovely day … I suppose it’s something for every day! So, a cup of tea and something for the soul … can’t do without the Word of God … it sustains me … revives me …

What is your help? What is it you go to to be revived and sustained? It’s been 30 years since I came to know Jesus … He saved me from some pretty crazy things. One day I’ll share my testimony here. It’s a powerful one!  So, the only way I made it through those first days, weeks, months was to be reading the Bible. I read it constantly during my waking hours those first months. Back then I only had my physical Bible … which I love! Now I use an app in addition to the book I can carry around. Continue reading “soul food”