water on wednesday

There’s nothing like an iced cold glass of fruit infused water on a hot summer day. I’m a water girl. Well, I also love a delicious glass of ice tea!

So, for some reason, fruit infused water was this great mystery to me … until I actually tried it one day. It’s super simple as you may know … or have imagined! Continue reading “water on wednesday”

favorite flower

My favorite flower changes … I think it all depends on the season, or what I have available. I absolutely love peonies, but they’re only in season for such a short time.

_MG_0836 sm

Lavender seems to be available to me year round. I grow it in my yard and so I take lots of photos of this gorgeous long stem of a flower.


And then there are tulips … I never really liked them until I started doing a photography challenge a few years ago. They are really fun to photograph in all stages of their blooming period.

Tulips Looking Up sm

I’ll finish this with the sunflower … I grow these in my yard too and I just love the bright yellow-orange color. They are truly a ‘happy’ flower!


Sunflowers sm.jpg

Okay, so I guess I really don’t have a favorite … flowers are just so pretty! I love them all!

Do you have a favorite?