warm air & wispy clouds

There’s a warmth in the air. The sun in all its glory has caught my attention as it slips closer and closer to the horizon. A few wispy clouds blocking, yet adding to that stunning view. The birds have quieted down. The bees have stopped buzzing. And there’s a gentle breeze blowing. This day is just about done.

_MG_6169-1As I think back, it was a good day. I got in a little quiet time this morning … a necessity for every day! And I managed to get in a little still life photography before I headed in to pick up my grandson.

Take a MomentToday I went in a little early to get a picture of this adorable little church. Such an inviting little spot with its tree-filled landscape inviting you in to hear about Jesus.

Creston Community Church-1.jpgThe sun is gone now and darkness is beginning to fold in all around me. I guess it’s time to go inside and put this day to rest.

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red ants & hot summer days

Who knew we’d see days over 100º so early in the summer! June is often a month of varied weather. We’ve even had rain and cloudy days in June some years. Not this year though. It’s been as high as 107º here this past week. With that kind of heat, the ants come out in the cool of the evening. I believe that the ground gets just so hot that they finally have to escape it. We’ve found thousands of them walking around all over the place near the shed and by the front of my walkway.  Continue reading “red ants & hot summer days”